LPG Conversions in Melbourne by Ultimate Gas Conversions

At Ultimate Gas Conversions, we’re industry leaders in the fitment of a wide range of LPG systems.

The most popular LPG system is the vapour injection system, also known as the direct injection, sequential vapour injection or gas injection system. At Ultimate Gas Conversions, we can fit an LPG system to just about any vehicle on the road now.

As engine management systems become more complex and emissions requirements become more stringent, so too have LPG systems advanced to become much more efficient. At Ultimate Gas Conversions, we fit a range of different systems to suit each vehicle’s individual needs, based on our knowledge and experience of what system works best with each vehicle.

We only fit the best quality LPG vapour injection systems, including the PRINS VSI direct LPG sequential vapour injection system. Widely renowned as the best LPG injection system in the world, we fit this system more than any other due to its superior performance and reliability. Contact us to find out more.

LPG servicing and repairs

At Ultimate Gas Conversions we have fully qualified and experienced mechanics who carry out expert LPG servicing, tuning and repairs.

We have quality tuning and diagnostic software for a wide range of vapour injection systems, and years of experience in LPG servicing and repairs.

We have over 25 years’ combined experience in the automotive industry, with expertise in all aspects of mechanical and LPG installation, servicing and repairs.

Ultimate Gas Conversions is a member of the VACC, IAME and of course accredited with the AAFRB.

Ultimate Gas Conversions has the experience and professionalism you need to achieve the best quality of LPG servicing and workmanship. LPG servicing and LPG repairs are our main focus and we perform LPG servicing to almost every existing vehicle model. Contact us for more information or book an appointment online.

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